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The Wedding of Tricia & Aubrey at Bell Tower Chapel

Last September, Tricia and Aubrey shared their wedding day with friends and family at the Bell Tower Chapel in Boring, Oregon.

Needless to say, it was a day that was anything but boring!

Tricia & Aubrey on their wedding day

At a beautiful venue

Tricia & Aubrey at Bell Tower Chapel

Surrounded by family and friends

Flower girls at the wedding of Tricia & Aubrey

The bride and her family

All for the big moment

Tricia & Aubrey at the altar

Tricia & Aubrey kiss

Congrats, Tricia and Aubrey!

Tricia & Aubrey with their wedding certificate


The Wedding of Tamara & Chris at the Victorian Belle

Tamara and Chris celebrated their wedding last April at the classic Victorian Belle, a venue full of history and charm.

The Victorian Belle

The perfect setting for a day full of romance, cheer and family celebration

Tamara and Chris sit in the garden of the Victorian Belle

And the beginning of a future together

Tamara and Chris together on a couch

Friends and family coming together in one place

Ceremony venue at the wedding of Tamara & Chris

For one special day

Tamara and Chris performing a salt ceremony

Tamara & Chris kiss after exchanging vows

With plenty of memories to be made and shared

The family of Tamara & Chris dance on their wedding day

Cheers to Tamara and Chris!

Tamara & Chris hugging