Welcome to Studio 98

Your wedding isn’t just another day. It’s a celebration of life and love, and the first chapter in the story of your new lives together. As photographers we don’t want to just take pictures. We want to capture the details, moments and emotions that make your wedding day uniquely yours. A fresh approach to our photography allows us to tell a story though images rather than just taking a huge pile of snapshots.

Throughout the day we practice what you might call a “low impact” style of photography – we shoot your wedding day as it unfolds naturally instead of directing and dictating things the way we think they should be. This isn’t to say we won’t do subtle things here and there to ensure your photos are fabulous. We most definitely do! But the photos will also capture all of the time, care and planning that you’ve put into making everything perfect.

Being wedding photographers is the most amazing, challenging, rewarding career you could ever ask for. We love what we do and truly enjoy the time spent with our clients, making fantastic images that will be treasures always.