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The Wedding of Sion & Jesse Neal Creek Resort

In August 2016, Sion and Jesse celebrated their love at Neal Creek Resort, located in rural and scenic Scio, Oregon

Neal Creek Resort sign

It is a rustic location with stunning views, starting with the walk through the path to the venue

Neal Creek Resort Wedding

With natural beauty in all of the right places

Wedding Dress, Neal Creek Resort

But when the couple stepped out, nothing could match the beauty of the happiness of their friends and family

Boy holding sign at wedding

Jesse & Sion at Neal Creek Resort

For that one special moment

Jesse & Sion wedding at Neal Creek Resort.


They shared their spirits

Wedding Moscow mule

And then a kiss

wedding kiss

And made a memorable exit into the forest

Jesse & Sion wedding

And into their new lives

Jesse & Sion hold hands upward

Cheers to this happy couplecheers

Congrats, Sion & Jesse!

Jesse & Sion wedding


Guest Post: Tips to Help You Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

Best For Bride guest post on Studio 98 Photography blog

Your wedding photos are lasting memories of the biggest day in your life. You may have worked hard to be in top shape and look your very best. You may also have hired the best photographer to capture the event! Is this enough to ensure you have amazing wedding photos? Almost!

As a couple that is ready to get married, there are certain things you can do to improve how you look on-camera. The Best for Bride team of wedding fashion experts suggest the following tips for wedding day photos that you’ll love.


Find your best poses

Have you ever noticed how you look better in some pictures than in others? It’s all about finding angles that flatter you. Before your wedding day, identify your favorite photos of yourself. Take note of how you are standing and smiling in these pictures. Identify your favorite angles for your face and body. Also pay attention to how your body is positioned in these photos. Determine how to hold your body and place your arms and legs for the best effect. Take a few selfies keeping these factors in mind, and see how they turn out. For more tips on how to pose naturally for photos, this article on the Knot Website offers advice.


Practice ‘till perfect

Identifying your best poses and profile is just one part of the task. You should now practice them until you are able to settle into these poses quickly and easily. Stand in front of a mirror and practice whenever possible. Try to mimic the right poses frequently, so that it comes to you easily and naturally. Take several selfies when you attempt this to ensure you achieve the intended effect. Perfect your posture and practice smiling in front of the mirror, and it will make posing for your wedding photos much easier.


Test before you decide on your makeup

Glitter makeup and spray-on tans, when applied improperly, can ruin your bridal look in wedding photographs. While a small amount of glitter is alright, too much can like sweat. Fake tans can result in an orange color complexion in photos. Certain shades of makeup may also not look good in photographs even though they look good in person.  Therefore, it is a good idea to have a makeup trial before the wedding and see how your choices translate in pictures. If you plan to do your wedding day makeup yourself, learn how to correctly apply foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick for the best effect. Take photos in different lighting and observe how the results look. Then, decide whether you have to tweak or alter your choices. This article on the IstyleYou website offers advice on how to do your makeup to be picture-perfect.


Ignore the camera

Candid photos often turn out better than posed portraits. Don’t pay attention to the camera unless your photographer asks you specifically to look at the camera. Unless it is for portrait shots or group pictures when you should face the camera, focus on your partner and simply enjoy yourself. For the best candid effect, ignore the camera and behave as you normally would. This will help you relax and not feel as conscious about how you photograph. A talented photographer will capture the beauty of such casual moments on camera and create beautiful finished pictures with it.


Touch-up your hair and makeup

Your makeup will fade over the course of the day and your hairstyle may not hold throughout your wedding. Carry a touch-up kit with your hair and makeup essentials to help with this. Use it at regular intervals throughout the day to restore your makeup and touch up your hair, so you look fresh in all of your pictures. Schedule visits to the restroom every hour or before a photo session to make sure you look your best at all times.


Pick the right time for outdoor shots

Light at certain times of the day can result in the stunning pictures. Make the most of natural lighting to get fantastic photos. Professional photographers will tell you how amazing the “golden hour” is when snapping outdoor pictures. Although the exact time will vary from season to season and from place to place, it is usually the last hour before sunset. At this time, diffused sunlight tends to create a warm glow with low contrasts, allowing your photographer to capture dramatic pictures. Use timing to your advantage by taking outdoor photos then. More details on the golden hour are available here.  


Be your natural self

The best wedding photos capture the strongest memories of your marriage and remind you of the emotions you felt on that day. If you feel happy, let your joy show. If you suddenly feel an urge to burst into tears, don’t quell it. Let your true feelings speak through actions and your wedding photos will be a joyous reminder of everything that you experienced on your wedding day. Also, don’t strain to keep smiling throughout in your wedding photos. Even if you are too exhausted, never fake a grin. Simply let the joy light up your face, and your photos will turn out fine.

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The Wedding of Van & Chavala at the Sweet Dreams

On a hot July day, Van and Chavala celebrated their wedding day at the Sweet Dreams, a venue located in Salem, Oregon.

Van & Chavala on their wedding day at the Sweet Dreams venue

Warmed by beautiful weather and the love and support of friends and family

The bride with her bridesmaids

The bride and her bridesmaid

The groom and his best men at the Sweet Dreams Venue, Salem, OR

With vibrant details to set the tone for their special day

Wedding Bouquet

Salt from the wedding of Van & Chavala

Bridesmaids at the wedding of Van & Chavala in front of the word "love"

Van & Chavala exchanged their vows

Van & Chavala exchange vows

Shared a salt covenant together

Van & Chavala perform a salt covenant

And, of course, a kiss

Van & Chavala kiss on their wedding day

Cheers to a happy future together, Van & Chavala!

Van & Chavala after their wedding


The Wedding of Tamara & Chris at the Victorian Belle

Tamara and Chris celebrated their wedding last April at the classic Victorian Belle, a venue full of history and charm.

The Victorian Belle

The perfect setting for a day full of romance, cheer and family celebration

Tamara and Chris sit in the garden of the Victorian Belle

And the beginning of a future together

Tamara and Chris together on a couch

Friends and family coming together in one place

Ceremony venue at the wedding of Tamara & Chris

For one special day

Tamara and Chris performing a salt ceremony

Tamara & Chris kiss after exchanging vows

With plenty of memories to be made and shared

The family of Tamara & Chris dance on their wedding day

Cheers to Tamara and Chris!

Tamara & Chris hugging


The Wedding of Menghan & Kelsey at East Fork Country Estate

Earlier this year, Menghan & Kelsey celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful East Fork Country Estate in Damascus, OR .

Menghan & Kelsey pose together on their wedding day

Friendship, family and fun took center stage on their big day

Friends of Menghan & Kelsey say cheers on their wedding day

Menghan & Kelsey with their bridesmaids and groomsmen

As this sweet couple celebrated their special day of union

Menghan & Kelsey together on their wedding day

Shared candid moments together

Menghan & Kelsey together on a bridge at East Fork Country Estate

And the commitment for a future full of love and laughter

Menghan & Kelsey kiss on their wedding day

At the reception, friends shared their warmest memories of the two

A friend of Menghan & Kelsey prepares to speak

And came together to celebrate the occasion

Friends and family of Menghan & Kelsey

Share some songs

A friend of Menghan & Kelsey plays music

And a dance

Menghan & Kelsey have their first dance after getting married

And an amazing time celebrating with their loved ones


Friends of Menghan & Kelsey dance at their wedding.

Congrats, Menghan & Kelsey!

Menghan & Kelsey hold their wedding certificate


The Wedding of Kathryn & James at Oaks Pioneer Church

Kathryn & James shared their special day at Oaks Pioneer Church in Sellwood, Oregon.

Kathryn and James stand in front of Oaks Sellwood Church

It was a day full of family, friends and fun

Kathryn walks to the church as her family carries her train

Kathryn and her family on her wedding day

Memories to be cherished forever

Kathryn and James at the altar

And a kiss

Kathryn and James kiss on their wedding day

Sweet treats and sweeter memories

Kathryn and James cut their wedding cake together

Kathryn and James share cake on their wedding day

Sharing first dances and their future together

Kathryn and James share their first dance

And showing off some funky moves

The family of Kathryn and James dance on their wedding day

There’s lots to celebrate!

The family of Kathryn and James on their wedding day

Congrats, Kathryn and James!

Katryn & James pose together



The Wedding is in the Details

When it comes to photographing a wedding, the beauty is in the details. From the ring to the dress and wedding-day decor, here are the small aspects of weddings that we’ve captured that enhance the experience of the big day.

The Ring

It’s not an “I do” without one:

Wedding rings

A ring from the wedding of Courtney & Scott Osmore
at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club


Wedding rings of Kathryn Eade & James Tatham Wedding ring

From the wedding of Kathryn Eade & James Tatham at Oaks Pioneer Church


wedding rings in a rose

From the wedding of Olivia & Marc at East Fork Country Estate

The Cake

The centerpiece of the event:

Wedding cake with flowers

From the wedding of Jessica & Justin Hachler at Portland Brewing Company


Cake and lace

From the wedding of Megan & Kevin at
Portland City Grill


all-white wedding cake

From the wedding of Jessica & Austin at Zenith Vineyard

The Dress

Essential for getting ready for the big day

wedding dress on hanger

from the wedding of Olivia & Marc at East Fork Country Estate


wedding dress hanging

From the wedding of Cecily & Steve at Timberline Lodge


wedding dress and shoes

From the wedding of Jennifer & Curtis at
Log House Garden

All about the details? Get more wedding inspiration on our Pinterest board.


Wedding Throwback: The Marriage of Jessica & Justin

Not even a rainy Portland day could keep the good times away at the wedding of Jessica and Justin Hachler. Surrounded by friends and family at Portland Brewing Company, this couple shared a day to remember full of beer and cheer.

Swooning by the train tracks:

Jessica and Justin wedding photo by the train tracks

He simply lifts her off her feet

Justin picks up Jessica by the train tracks

Followed by special moments at the brewery pre-wedding ceremony:

Jessica and Justin kiss by the beer distillery at Portland Brewing Company

Inside the brewery, sweet mementos:

A handwritten sign at the wedding reception of Justin and Jessica

 Sweet treats

Cupcakes at the wedding of Justin and Jessica

And slices soon to be shared

Wedding cake from the wedding of Jessica and Justin

Friends and family arrive for the big day:

Little boy holds wedding sign at the wedding of Jessica and Justin

And “I do’s” are shared

Jessica and Justin holding hands

Justin and Jessica kiss


Justin and Jessica kissing and holding beers


Wedding of Daniel & Rose at the Laurelhurst Club

On Halloween day, we helped capture the wedding of Daniel and Rose at The Laurelhurst Club, directly across from Laurelhurst park.

We started our shoot at Laurelhurst Park, where our married couple-to-be took a brief but beautiful walk through the turning fall leaves.

Daniel and Rose in Laurelhurst Park, Portland


We stopped at the most beautiful areas of the park to snap photos to help capture the beauty of the day, including the brick steps and the pond.

Daniel and Rose Photo at the stone steps at Laurelhurst Park, Portland

Daniel and Rose at the Laurelhurst Park lake

We moved to our next location, the Laurelhurst Club, where the couple would hold their wedding ceremony

Photo of Laurelhurst Club wedding venue sign, Portland, OR

Rose walking down the steps of the Laurelhurst Club in Portland, OR

We took a look inside at the decor and details that would set the scene for Rose and Daniel’s wedding day.

Daniel and Rose's wedding day decorations inside the Laurelhurst Club

Love bird wedding decorations

Wedding ceremony setup for the marriage of Daniel and Rose at the Laurelhurst Club

And who could forget the food trucks?

Home Pl8 food truck at the wedding of Daniel and Rose

We captured the celebration of Daniel and Rose’s love as it played out in front of friends and family

Daniel and Rose at their wedding ceremony at the Laurelhurst Club

And the kiss that said ” I do!”

Daniel and Rose kiss at their wedding

Congrats, Daniel and Rose! Wishing you many happy years to come!

Daniel and Rose share their first dance as a married couple


Christina and Ben

Say ‘I do!’ Ben and Christina said their vows and became newlyweds on September 1, 2013.

The bash was held at Gray Gables Estate, a classic venue and one of our favorites. Cheers to the bride and groom!

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