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The Wedding of Viv & H at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

Not even the cold and rain could ruin the wedding day of Viv & H. The couple-to-be celebrated their big day at the Octagonal Barn on the premise of the Cornelius Pass Road McMenamins.

No damper here, all smiles

Even though the fall weather made itself abundantly apparent early on the day of the event, our couple took it in stride- and even had some fun!

Viv and H stand in front of the Mcmenamins Octagonal Barn on their wedding day

Sharing sweet moments together

Viv & H at the courtyard at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

And, of course, lots of kisses

Viv & H kiss at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Portland, OR

It was a day full of family, laughter, and beautiful fall foliage

The families of Viv & H gather on their wedding day at Mcmenamin's Cornelius Pass

Viv helps her relatives get ready for the wedding

And beautiful decor

A decorative gate at the wedding of Viv & H

A decoration from the wedding of Viv & H at Mcmenamins Cornelius Pass

And beautiful venue at the Octagonal Barn to boot

Viv& H's wedding venue at the octagonal barn, Mcmenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

Not even rain and grey skies couldn’t stop this ceremony from going on:

Viv and her bridesmaids walk towards the ceremony

Music at the wedding of Viv & H

Making a promise that will last forever

Viv & H performing te salt covenant on their wedding day

The big moment of “I do”

Viv & H exchanging vows at their wedding ceremony

And the kiss

Viv & H share a kiss on their wedding day

Congrats, Viv & H!

Viv & H on their wedding day