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Wedding of Daniel & Rose at the Laurelhurst Club

On Halloween day, we helped capture the wedding of Daniel and Rose at The Laurelhurst Club, directly across from Laurelhurst park.

We started our shoot at Laurelhurst Park, where our married couple-to-be took a brief but beautiful walk through the turning fall leaves.

Daniel and Rose in Laurelhurst Park, Portland


We stopped at the most beautiful areas of the park to snap photos to help capture the beauty of the day, including the brick steps and the pond.

Daniel and Rose Photo at the stone steps at Laurelhurst Park, Portland

Daniel and Rose at the Laurelhurst Park lake

We moved to our next location, the Laurelhurst Club, where the couple would hold their wedding ceremony

Photo of Laurelhurst Club wedding venue sign, Portland, OR

Rose walking down the steps of the Laurelhurst Club in Portland, OR

We took a look inside at the decor and details that would set the scene for Rose and Daniel’s wedding day.

Daniel and Rose's wedding day decorations inside the Laurelhurst Club

Love bird wedding decorations

Wedding ceremony setup for the marriage of Daniel and Rose at the Laurelhurst Club

And who could forget the food trucks?

Home Pl8 food truck at the wedding of Daniel and Rose

We captured the celebration of Daniel and Rose’s love as it played out in front of friends and family

Daniel and Rose at their wedding ceremony at the Laurelhurst Club

And the kiss that said ” I do!”

Daniel and Rose kiss at their wedding

Congrats, Daniel and Rose! Wishing you many happy years to come!

Daniel and Rose share their first dance as a married couple


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